Situated in Low Fell, Gateshead, Wesley Memorial is a lively Methodist Church. We meet for worship at 10:30am every Sunday alongside our Younger Church, as well as providing facilities to bring the community together. 

Auction Bonanza

Two years ago Nepal was devastated by a series of earthquakes that wrecked homes, schools and what limited services existed within the country.  Whole families were left with nothing.  The Overseas Project from MWiB, "All Hands" is seeking to assist the Government and local authorities to make damaged structures safe and to rebuild schools and houses and sanitary facilities, using, wherever possible materials salvaged from the ruins?

MWiB intend to hold an auction, in order to raise funds for this very worthwhile project, but first we need items to auction.  I am sure you have something that someone nearby would like? This project is aimed at involving as many churches and as many people as possible, Will you help?

Theres no limit to the number of items you offer, but at least one from each church would be wonderful.

Promise of items/services should be made to me stating the name and address of the person donating or a contact number before 12 August.  If collections of an item is required details of this should be stated.  Unfortunately I cannot personally undertake collection of large items of furniture.

The auction itself will probably take place in September, venue to be confirmed.

Contact: Judith Oldroyd, District President MWiB
Tel: 0191 519 2201, Mobile: 07776 030706, Email:

Auction Bonanza

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